A 4-week trip around Gujarat at Christmas 2012 and the New Year


Hotel list

This is where we stayed and what we paid. With the exception of Delhi and Ahmedabad I booked via North West Safaris so there may have been a small commission involved. Most – but not all – of the hotels publish their rates online and these prices were in line with those. We generally paid for full board. Christmas and New Year is high season and Indian tax can add 20% to the listed prices.

The exchange was about Rs. 85 to £1.

Rs.8,399/- room only x 2 nights = Rs.16,798/-
Rs.6,500/- with all 3 major meals x 3 nights = Rs.19,500/-
Rs.5,500/- with all 3 major meals x 2 nights = Rs.11,000/-
Rs.4,000/- + 7.42% tax on accommodation basis only x 2 nights = Rs. 8,594/-
Rs.6,350/- + 19.92% tax with Breakfast & Dinner x 2 nights = Rs. 15,230/-
Rs.8,000/- with breakfast + 13.42% tax x 2 nights = Rs.18,147/-
Rs.4,800/- x 2 nights with all 3 major meals = Rs. 9,600/-
Rs.15,039/- for 3 nights with all 3 major meals
Rs.6,000/- x 3 nights with all 3 major meals + 3 safaris during the stay  + Rs.2,600/- Entrances to Little Rann = Rs. 20,600/-
Rs.7,999/- room only x 2 nights = Rs.15,998/- (smaller room, but we left the booking a bit late)
Rs.7,000/- B&B x 3 nights = Rs.21,000/-

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