A 4-week trip around Gujarat at Christmas 2012 and the New Year


Bobby Mudflaps


My new mudflaps

We had the usual problem with getting people to understand where we wanted to go (how many ways can you pronounce Dilli Darwaja?), but eventually found rickshaw to take us to Delhi Gate.

There we started to look for Bobby Mudflaps, a guy who painted accessories for rickshaws. We found a repair shop with mudflaps for sale and the owner pointed further down the road to a guy painting images of Big B on wooden panels to decorate the inside of rickshaws.

(A fair proportion of rickshaws had either painted interiors featuring Bollywood stars or a selection of mudflaps.)


Bobby Mudflaps painting Big B

Bobby didn’t have a word of English and he didn’t seem that interested in sales. So we went back to the repair shop and bought a pair there. Salman Khan was their favourite and my requests for Shahrukh Khan or Big B were met with short shrift. The guy said I couldn’t just buy one, but they were just 250 rupees.

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