St James Bay

Camouflaged egg

Another rough night, though no seasickness. This time we sailed into the wind so less pitching but more vertical movement. Brilliant blue skies when we awoke in James Bay.

A wet landing on the beach and then a walk along low lava cliffs to see rocks covered in bright red crabs, marine iguanas and colonies of sealions and their pups. The latter played in shallow pools, their parents threatening to come ashore if we got too close to them.

Some blow holes; ‘Darwin’s toilet’ was one of them. Another sealion played in the rough swell below a sea arch.

The group at ‘Darwin’s toilet’

We snorkelled from the black sand beach and found repeatedly 3 sealions cruising around us at close distance. They just swam, ignoring us. More perturbed were various boobies which were less happy with us snorkelling behind.

The after noon was spent cruising towards Isabela and then northwards along the coast, past some of the vast volcanoes of the island. A couple of the sailed were raised and the sea was calm.

The equator

Raising the sails

Passed the Darwin volcano and coming up to the Wolf volcano which is bisected by the equator, we spotted a minke whale and the captain turned and circled for us. Dusk as we rounded the northern coast.

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