Temples – three

Upgraded to a van this morning as it was clear that the tuk-tuk would not make the 80km to Beng Mealea. The distance means that it is much less visited but it’s also interesting because its been left relatively untouched since it was discovered. While we wait we push our guide into an impromptu tour… Continue reading Temples – three

Temples – two

Interesting to see the different approaches to conservation. ¬†Different temples have different international sponsors who have agreed different approaches with the Apsara authority (which looks after the park). So the Chinese-funded repair of the first one we did today (Chao Say Tevoda) had practicality been rebuilt but with clear differences in material. Others we saw… Continue reading Temples – two

Temples – one

The hotel has found us a driver (tuk-tuk $18 per day) and ¬†a guide ($35 per day). The 7-day entrance ticket adds another $60 each. The first shock is the sheer scale of the place. The Angkor Wat area consists of a number of city complexes containing temples, ceremonial buildings and palaces, as well as… Continue reading Temples – one

Siem Reap

A strange sort of place, Siem Reap. This Cambodian boom town is just 10km south of Angkor Wat, gets nearly 2 million visitors a year and is apparently the country’s fastest growing town. And it’s really quite interesting. The old market caters to the tourists at its fringes but is still essentially a place for… Continue reading Siem Reap

Sorting out WordPress

I haven’t used WordPress in the few years since Brazil and carnival. But slowly working it out…