Koh Kood

View from our villa in Koh Kood

The resort is set on a hillside at one end of a long sandy bay, so that it looks straight down the beach. There’s a couple of rows of palm trees on a green lawn with the expensive villas (c. £100) on that level.  Above them is a row of cheaper villa (like ours – £45), and above them a row of furnished tends (£20?). It’s all arranged so that everyone has a view.

A river flows into the bay at this end providing an interesting/annoying barrier to the beach itself. It’s swimable, or you can follow the road round to the beach, but the easiest thing to do is to take one of the free kayaks and paddle across.  At high tide the beach is a meagre spit of fine white sand with the waves eroding a row of trees. It comes down to a couple of metres at its most narrow point. At low tide (there’s just one tide a day) a large expanse of flat sand is exposed.

Most crucially it was empty. No-one else from our resort paddled over in the morning and the people from the Peter Pan resort (by the beach) and those from the backpacker accommodation on the river were barely visible.

The narrow sand spit at high tide at Koh Kood; looking back at the resort

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