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About the trip

The trip is organised by the AOPA PPL group.

The idea is that the group meets in Colmar (in Alsace) and then flies off to Podgorica in Montenegro.

We’ll meet up with G-GAJB there on Saturday 7 May, having flown BA to Dubrovnik and having worked out the buses to get us out of Croatia¬† and round the Montenegro fjords until we find the city formally known as Titograd.

After a day visiting the delightfully-named Sveti Stefan island we then fly (IFR) over Albania to Corfu.

The other owners of G-GAJB then desert us and we have to get the thing back to the UK. The others on the trip will be flying on instruments (IFR); we’ll be flying visually (VFR). The plan is:

Wednesday 11 May – fly to Losinj in Croatia

Thursday 12 May – day trip to the Lido in Venice

Friday 13 (uh-oh) May – fly from Losinj to Avignon

Saturday 14 May – start to make our way home


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