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Into Montenegro

Posted by on 8 May 2011

From Cetinje to PodgoricaA lengthy border crossing took us into Montenegro and the warm water fjord at the north end of its coastline.

The coast is broken by a narrow inlet which opens into a lake, and then that lake has a narrower inlet into a second hidden lake.

The first is surrounded by scrubby mountains while the second by┬ávertiginous, craggy and towering mountains. The water is clear but deep and full of mussel farms. The waterside towns feel Italian – and some even have cave paintings and Roman villas – there’s both neglect and communist remnants as well as incoming wealth, restoring the crumbling villas.

After the fjord we reach Budva, a vast beach resort of holiday investments and tower blocks. But also views south along a rocky coast.

Behind it there are more mountains into which the coach climbs. The scenery is karst and oak. Bright green leaves punctuated by silver-grey limestone.

At the end is Podgorica, one of Europe’s more obscure capitals. After six hours; two buses and a taxi we reach the hotel at the airport.


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