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Posted by on 6 May 2011

Grilled meat in DubrovnikThe food menus here (Dubrovnik) have been repetitive and a bit pricey. We’ve wandered around in vain.

First night we found a place high up in Dubrovnik grilling meats – sausages, pork, chicken, meat balls – OK but it’s quantity before quality.  About £20 for the platter to share.

Lunchtime today by the harbour we had a fairly good seafood platter of grilled sardines, mackerel, tiny octopus, mussels and squid for the same price.

But otherwise it’s pasta and piazza.

We found the answer this evening.Farmer's food in Dubrovnik Walking back from the bus station we pounced on a local market with aged farmers selling baby broad beans, wild asparagus (I think!) , parsley root (thrown in for free), wild rocket, home-made cheese and strings of figs with bay leaves.

Brilliant food; it’s self-catering next time.

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